My Time as an Emirates Girl Series


A million girls would kill for this job. 

Hello my loves, I want to talk about what makes this blog so popular to begin with: my times as a coveted Emirates girl. I had the job “A million girls would kill for.” And I’m going to be honest with you all… There were times when I looked around and had to pinch myself. I was like “How did I get this job again?” And hen there were times were I would stand in bathroom mirror and ask myself: “What the hell am I doing here?”

I am going to tell you EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope it will help answer some of the questions I get everyday from all of you hopefuls.

I’m going to talk about:

  1. Living In Dubai: What is it like to live in the hottest (literally and figuratively) city in the world.
  2. Cultural Differences that I faced. The west cost VS east coast feud have nothing on how different the western world is from the eastern world.
  3. Being Crew. It’s what everyone wants more than anything in the world, but do any of you actually know what crew do?
  4. Rumor Has It… What have you heard about Emirates girls? What about Emirates guys? What about the pilots? I’ll tell all.
  5. There is no place like home. Unless of course home is the middle east. Then you are literally at home all the time. Unlike the rest of us…

So stay tune for each of these, I am hoping to have them all out in the next few weeks. If you have anything that you would like me to add on to these, or any questions you have about being crew, please comment below! I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

As always good luck on your journey in life, and I hope to meet you along the way.

Lupe Love Xx

Facing Discomfort, and reminiscing about Emirates

Hey my loves!! So I don’t know how many of you know that I now fly for a private airline, (fancy, I know!) It has been very different from Emirates, and in the upcoming weeks, I will tell you all about what the whole process has been like! I officially started in May, but I JUST finished training in August! I am so excited to be done with training, but I’m about to enter my first week on rotation all by myself, without a trainer, and I’m so nervous about it! The amount of discomfort I am feeling is unreal! One of the biggest changes flying private has brought along is that I work solo, vs being a part of a team like I was at Emirates. The whole ordeal has been making me think about my time with Emirates airlines a lot lately. Its hard not to draw comparisons! Just like now, I once felt this discomfort and nerves!

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2017: Two Years and A lot of Lessons

Hello My loves,

It has been a really long time since I have last posted! I thought it would be so fitting to write again since in a few days, it will be my  year anniversary here in Dubai. These past two years have been a whirlwind of emotion, loss, happiness, self discovery and so much more. I really want to share with you all how trans-formative this journey has been, and why.

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Creating Home, Sweet Home

Hello my loves!

I am FINALLY home in my beautiful Chicago! I am here for a wedding of two really good friends, and I cannot wait to celebrate with them! I know in my last post I had mentioned that I would like to return to home permanently. Now here I am home on holidays, and it just makes me want to pack up and quit even more! HOWEVER, I had a quick little turn around (You fly, but come back to Dubai on the same day) and we had a lovely FG1 (First class cabin crew) helping us in economy. It was quite funny because we had her, a girl who has flown with Emirates for 8 YEARS!! Then we had another girl, who has just started flying two weeks ago. The difference was startling. When we had a little down time, the two began talking and the FG1 started to talk to her about what it takes to be able to not only become a first class cabin crew, but manage to live and thrive in Dubai for 8 years.

Now yall, this was such a blessing in disguise. Just mere days after I posted that I wanted to go home, here was this FG1 giving advice to this little, brand new grade two. Advice that I wish someone had given to me when I first started flying here. It was so good, and since I know so many new joiners read this blog, I want to share it with you! In list form, naturally:

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I Want To Go Home

Hello Loves!

Long time no chat. I have had the most horrible week! I got sick when I was suppose to be spending quality time with people I love,  so sick I missed my LA flight, got stressed because I couldn’t get on a flight back to Dubai, and then have been stuck in bed. It was awful! Through the stress of it all. this whole week has given me time to really think about something I have been thinking about for months…

I want to go home.

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Tattoos, Medical Exams,Scars and Other Things


Has it really been 5 months since I’ve posted!?1 I am literally the worst! Honestly, my keyboard on my laptop broke about three months ago, and since I am like the laziest person in Dubai, I waited until last week to get a new one. So when I FINALLY logged on to my blog, I had so many comments, basically asking the same thing and I though, “Well, I should probably just make a post to TRY and answer these questions all at once!” So hopefully this helps!

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